HypnoBirthing Classes for Birth Partners

Birth is a family affair. Birthing mum, partner and, of course, baby all have their roles to play in this big event. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many births where birth partners become bystanders or onlookers who feel they don’t know how to help. On our courses, we teach a range of tools that encourage birth partners to be actively involved in the process (as they should be). We suggest ways in which birth partners can be supportive and nurturing as well as protective and advocating of birth preferences. We are currently running all of our courses online (due to the outbreak of COVID-19). Normally, however, we run our courses at the Alma Vale Centre in Clifton and the Skyboat Cafe in Redland both in Bristol on Tuesday evenings as well as Sundays to work around your schedule. On our courses, birthing partners learn to ask the most helpful questions as needed, so that they have all the information necessary to make informed decisions with their midwives/caregivers. They will also develop practical knowledge around what happens in labour and how they can be of help at every stage. The breathing techniques we teach can also be used by birth partners to remain calm and steady during birth, so that they can be at their best for mum and baby. Through practicing the techniques together on a daily basis, mum and birthing partner enter labour feeling connected as a couple and ready to welcome their baby into the world. Ultimately, the role of birth partner is to be by mum’s side (and on her side), and HypnoBirthing gives you the knowledge and tools to do this in a skillful and calm way. Browse our upcoming Hypnobirthing course dates and book a space for you and your partner today.