Rhiannon’s Birth Story

Niamh Johanna was born on Mother’s Day night in what can only be described as an empowering induced labour

Thom (my partner) made the room into a safe haven: dimmed lights, LED candles, fairy lights and an iPod dock for my HypnoBirthing App. I also used Clary Sage essential oil.

My waters were broken but nothing really started to happen until I spoke to Noah (my four year old). He said ‘I love you Mummy, has Bibit come out yet?‘. This gave me a huge burst of love and encouraged some surges to flow intermittently. As things were slow, I was hooked up to a drip at a low dose which was enough to nudge my body into taking over with it’s own supply of oxytocin. The surges then became regular.

I got into my ‘zone’ with the App and Thom breathing with me, by my side. 

Things started to ramp up a little so I leant against the bed and used gas and air whilst rhythmically rocking on a birth ball, breathing slowly and steadily.

Then, things got very intense, very quickly: enormous surges came, each one riding on top of each other with no respite and cruelly the image of my (own) mum on her deathbed popped into my head (Rhiannon tragically and suddenly lost her mum during her pregnancy). It was a loud memory. I found it all too intense and I lacked the ability to re-focus. I found myself making primal and guttural noises which I think was my way of processing raw grief combined with bringing Niamh into the world. 

A huge juxtaposition! Three female generations in one point across time.

One minute I found myself crying out for an epidural and the next I was feeling an overwhelming urge to push. Shortly after, Niamh was born safely and swiftly into my arms in a split second of primal intensity. Sheer joy and relief filled my heart and body.

She was here, finally and she was safe. A Mother’s Day gift from my Mum!

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