I wanted to write to you to tell you about the amazing birth experience I had thanks to hypnobirthing and yoga. It was so, SO positive.

My contractions began at 5am on Sunday morning, they continued all day on Sunday and were regular at times, sporadic at others. I spent time relaxing at home to the ‘purely pregnant’ Spotify playlist, had a luxurious ‘Neom’ candle on and plenty of lower back massages from my husband! I kept up the ‘UFO’ positioning at all times and spent lots of time using chairs, the side of my bed and my birthing ball to balance me. The hypnobirthing affirmations were in my head through each contraction and they helped me SO much. I had a bath in the early hours of Monday morning, which really seemed to get things going…! Rushed to hospital and went from 2cm to 6cm in under an hour! It took just 3 hours from when we arrived at St Michael’s, to when Theo was born in the birthing pool at 6.29am on Monday the 29th of October.

The experience was calm, controlled and positive. I truly believe that I couldn’t have pushed out a 9.5lb baby with just two paracetamol for pain relief without hypnobirthing so thank you.

Baby born after HypnoBirthing


We had such a quick labour, I had a feeling Tuesday morning it was happening and I prepared myself with a big healthy lunch and my contractions started at about 3pm after taking the dog for a walk, we stayed super calm at home which was definitely due to everything we had learnt on the HypnoBirthing course! Maybe a bit too calm as my waters broke at 6:30pm at home and we arrived at the hospital at 7:20pm fully dilated! At 8:31pm our little boy was born! It was truly amazing!

You’ve got this ladies!

Baby born after HypnoBirthing


My husband is now a home birth and hypnobirthing convert and has been raving about how relaxed and calm I was. I feel fantastic. Bit sore but recovering quickly and at no point during the labour, despite the lack of professional presence, felt fearful or that I couldn’t do it. I totally put that down to my birth environment and hypnobirthing so wanted to thank you for your course and support. I felt fully prepared with tools to achieve such a positive birth and it was amazing how all these positive thoughts kept popping into my subconscious.

Truly wonderful.

Baby born after HypnoBirthing


I’m writing to let you know of a Purely Pregnant hypnobirthing baby born 27/7/18.

Our baby was born in St Michael’s Central Delivery Suite after premature rupture of membranes. Once surges had started I avoided induction by keeping calm and encouraging them through the calm breath techniques and even fell asleep between them- which led to some very very odd dreams. Using this breath allowed me to really tune into my body and feel as labour developed. I felt my body start to push her out. She was born with only paracetamol.

Everyone happy, healthy and hypnobirthed!!

Baby born after HypnoBirthing


Our little boy Casper was born on Christmas morning and he’s been happy and healthy since his first moment 🙂

I want to say how grateful I am to have found Purely Pregnant, first the yoga classes, which I loved and then the hypnobirthing course, which I felt helped me and my husband so much. We felt prepared and ready and were able to face birth positively! 

Baby born after HypnoBirthing


Little Wren has arrived, she’s perfect.

I ended up having to be induced but it was really the most positive experience I could have hoped for. I truly believe that this is due to the yoga and HypnoBirthing throughout my pregnancy. I relied on the surge breath to get me through the birth. There wasn’t much time for relaxation and calm breath as she only took 2 hours and 20 minutes to arrive from the first proper surge! Thank you and the rest of Purely Pregnant for all your help throughout this journey.

Baby born after HypnoBirthing