What are the benefits of practicing Pregnancy Yoga?

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Pregnancy Twist

Becoming pregnant is always a miracle and it can bring a multitude of feelings such as joy, anxiety, excitement being overwhelmed to name a few. Physically, there are so many changes taking place and hormonally we can be very up and down, which can affect our mood from moment to moment.

By engaging in a regular yoga practice, specifically designed to support you in pregnancy, you can learn tools to help you ride the hormonal waves within a community of other pregnant women. 

At the beginning of every class, we take time to check in with each and every one of you, to see how you are feeling and to find out how we can best serve you in the practice. We often hear that this part of the class is as valuable as the yoga itself!

After the check-in we move into stretches and shapes that are designed to support your pregnant body, and we finish with a lush, guided relaxation to soothe the nervous system to help you to have a good night of sleep. So very important!

Quite often women experience physical discomfort in pregnancy, whether that be sciatic or nerve pain, the swelling of joints or pelvic girdle pain. Whatever you are experiencing, we know how to support you. With the increased presence of the hormone relaxin in your system during pregnancy, you are able to stretch more, so we carefully guide you into movements and poses in a contained way, so that you don’t overstretch ligaments, which can cause issues down the line. 

We also focus on poses that encourage babies into the Optimal Fetal Position (OFP), which is head down and ready for birth. This is especially important during current Covid times where there is a higher incidence of non-optimally positioned babies due to increased sedentariness. Specific yoga poses can create more space in the pelvis for baby to make their turn towards the end of pregnancy. This allows for a smoother, more comfortable and easier birth.

As with any solid yoga practice, the movements we teach are led by the breath. We teach a range of breathing techniques that can help you to manage stress levels during pregnancy, labour and birth. These techniques can be used further down the line to manage the challenges of being a new parent.

All of our teachers bring their own unique set of knowledge and experience which informs their style of teaching. We bring in elements of HypnoBirthing, Active Birth and experience from attending births ourselves as birth partners and Doulas. As a result of this, we are able to offer a rich practice that is steeped in years of experience and dedication to the support of expectant women in Bristol.

Our aim is to help you to enjoy the journey of pregnancy, to marvel in the incredible miracle that you are part of and to prepare you well for birth.

For more information on when and where we teach, visit us here. With our introductory offer, your first two Pregnancy Yoga classes are only £5 each. 

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